Below are listed some applications and code samples that you can have tailored or purchase as application or for their code:

MP3 File cataloger, MP3 tag reader and writer application Rescue those MP3 files from the bowls of iTunes' folder structure.   Reads play list files (*.m3u) and if they are disk files, will grab there MP3 tag data, also.
Calendaring Application Modify to use for planning events.
Simple HTML Generator Tired of Excel's complicated HTML tags?
Time Sheet Application for professionals.
Read MS Project Files into Excel Read core Project task data into Excel in an easy to read format.
Sample: Invoice generators that create Outlook Mail attachments for mailing
Sample: Production Scheduling System
Email Generators interfacing with Outlook Create emails in much the same way you mail-merge letters in MS Word.
Forms Data Extraction into database format Need to pull data from MS Word documents into an Excel database?
GPS Track Documentation and Layered Map DrawingsDo you want to overlay your GPS tracks onto your own image maps? 
Office LocatorGeographic Weighting Gets Long & Latitude for AddressesNeed to analyze the location for your next home or office move.  Put your clients and/or employees addresses in the worksheet and calculate the most central and efficient location.
QuickBooks Data Reformat Do you ever want to get QuickBooks data into Excel for sorting and other database oriented tasks? This tool will reformat QuickBooks standard Excel output format into something usable.
MapPoint Data Extraction into Excel Do you ever make elaborate plans or routes in Map Point and just want to extract the itinerary in a simple format for printing or further manipulation?

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